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everyone starts small once

In the summer of 1991, Mr Rajakov senior opened the first textile and shirt printing shop at Hauptstraße 92 in Mosbach. There, mainly workwear and everyday clothes were printed. As a ten-year-old goalkeeper for MfV Mosbach at the time, Rajakov junior Dalibor had the idea of expanding the portfolio to include sports articles, especially soccer. Even then, he recognised the great potential. soccer reached more and more young people in the 90s, also due to the national team's world championship title. Enthusiastic soccer fans flocked to the local sports clubs. Thus, the Rajakov Soccer World was opened at Hauptstraße 7 in Mosbach, where our current managing director was already working diligently as a teenager.

Mosbach ehemaliges Bekleidungsgeschäft

Business flourished because professional team sportswear was hard to come by around Mosbach and away from big cities like Frankfurt or Berlin. In 1997, the first cutting plotter was bought at the Druck+Form trade fair in Sinsheim and used for large orders.
When the shop Sport und Mode Rajakov opened in Kaufland Mosbach in 2000, the company became known nationwide. At that time, sports shoes were offered in addition to shirt printing and team sports.

Mosbach ehemaliges Bekleidungsgeschäft im Kaufland

A shop in Sinsheim followed in 2005, and an outlet in Buchen in 2008. Shirt printing, also for companies outside sport, was offered in each shop. In 2014, textile printing was then relocated to Helmstadt. Initially set up on just a few square metres of production and storage space, the business already reached 1000 square metres in 2016.

Sinsheim ehemaliges Bekleidungsgeschäft in Sinsheim
Outlet in Buchen

The expansion really took off with the merge with 11teamsports. Its managing director Oliver Schwerin and Dalibor Rajakov, who took over Rajakov GmbH from his father in 2017, had known each other for some time and decided to merge at a friend's birthday party. Rajakov GmbH became 11teamsports Print GmbH. Due to the expertise of new customer acquisition and professional transfer direct printing brought in from both sides, the production area increased to 2500 sqm in 2017, 4500 sqm in 2018, 6700 sqm in 2019 and finally 13000 sqm in the first quarter of 2021.

Eingang 11teamsports Print Helmstadt
Grafikabteilung 11teamsports Print Helmstadt
Druckraum Profis 11 teamsports Print Helmstadt
Lagerfläche 11teamsports Print Helmstadt

With currently almost 130 employees, 11teamsports Print GmbH supplies its embellishing to a wide variety of amateur and professional clubs. We work together with leading sporting goods manufacturers worldwide. 

Our team in Helmstadt-Bargen takes care of every step - from the initial idea to production - and thus wins the trust of its customers.

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